All the basics of dog training

Have you recently brought home a little puppy? Then you may be interested in giving your dog some basic training. You can get an obedience instructor for the job, or you yourself can train your pet.

The fees of the obedience instructors can differ, and you would also have to take your dog to the class where the training would take place. But if you are the trainer, you can have the whole thing done almost without any expense, and that too at your own home. So if you have decided to be the trainer, you must have some knowledge on dog training first.

You should teach your dog three basic things first – sit, stay, and come. The first thing you need to teach your dog is to sit. The one thing you would surely need for this is dog treats.

Make sure that you choose a quiet place for this training, so as not to distract your dog’s attention. Ask the dog to sit again and again while you hold the treat over his head. Thus, he will have to turn his head up, and will sit there willingly to get the treat.

If he still doesn’t sit, gently push his back down. When you have made him sit, praise him and give him his treat. If you repeat the word ‘sit’, your dog will realize that the command is related to sitting and will obey you to receive his rewards.

The next thing you need to teach your dog is to stay. This part of the training can be a little difficult. This is a command which your dog would have to learn when you teach him to “come”. Make him sit in a place without any direction.

Repeat the word “stay” as you gradually walk back. Maintain an eye contact with the dog, and if he rises from his position, say “no” and start all over again. This training does take some time and patience. It would be easies if you initially get someone to sit and hold him back if he doesn’t “stay”.

If he has learnt this part, try walking away with your back towards the dog. He will probably rise now to follow you. Tell him “no” and repeat the process asking him to stay in his position as you move away.

When your dog has passed this test, teach him to come. Make him stay and then call him in a cheerful voice and thump your knee as you repeat the word “come”. Reward him, as he will probably respond to your call promptly enough.

The key word of dog training is praise, and not punishment, as dogs respond more to a positive behavior, rather than a negative one. Keep these tips in mind and you would be able to install these three basic commands into your dog.

If you follow this process of training, you would surely be the proud owner of an obedient pet whom everybody praises.



Dog training will transform the dog’s mannerisms, from a dog that will not do as he is told by you to a dog that will pay attention to your orders, from a dog that is annoying the neighbors into a calm one, from a dog that is at all times scampering from you into a dog that will remain at a halt at your order. Just like in any other training scheme, there are some methods to be followed.

The dog has got to be familiar with his name, so he can act in response to the master’s instructions. When he is familiar with his own name, you can begin teaching with the check lead and instruct “here” or “come”. You can begin all this in the house, but initially, he has to be able to make out his own name. If you would like the puppy to pay attention just to you, then do not permit him to play with other people. If you will allow him to play too much, he will begin to snarl and bark every time you take his playthings away.

One more essential feature of dog training is that you have to teach your pet, so no one will get harmed when you are out with him and people are all about him. By making use of the dog training instructions correctly, you do not have to be anxious that he will bite off someone or he will scamper off. Even if you have trained your dog to be compliant and pay heed you, you should admire him as well since after all, you selected him, he could not select you, and if you will not take care of him properly, he will in all probability run away, or he will be miserable. The fundamental dog training instructions that a dog should act in response to are: fetch, stay close, here, sit and come.

– Begin teaching the dog whilst he is still a puppy – this makes sure of much better achievement rates even for starting out dog trainers.

– Put up some information on dog training and only then acquire a new puppy.

– Free dog obedience training programs ought to be modified to the precise necessities of your dog breed. Please see our collection of precise dog breed training techniques in order to get more understanding on this subject.

– Make certain that the puppy is in high spirits and has an adequate amount of energy to try out training.

– Be inventive, by no means let the puppy get fed up and coach the dog where the limits are set.



Dalmatian training courses are planned to go well with the dog’s innate character of a companion dog. Dalmatians look for love and fondness but just from the people they have faith in – and they are likely to take some time prior to believing in unfamiliar persons. Just as with every dog breed, character dissimilarity can be observed with Dalmatians – a few are easier to coach, a few will give you a tough time. Given below are a small number of the most general Dalmatian training guidelines that will help you out to form your dog into a genuine buddy and friend:

Tolerance is essential when teaching a Dalmatian – they are to a certain extent individualistic and you may have to go through a schedule more than a few times before they begin learning – not for the reason that they do not have the aptitude, but since they have a tendency to have their own way in the beginning.

Even though they grow up from a bodily point of view comparatively quick, they still behave like puppies till they are nearly one and a half to two years old. And in case you are in search of a few good training tips, here they are – do not look forward to matured behavior from your dog till he is about 2 years old what’s more, then also, do not curb his mischievous temperament totally.

Dalmatians are full of life dogs, so make certain to present them training practices that engage physical workouts – they adore it.

Dalmatian housebreaking training is not very tricky and the dog learns rapidly what is permitted and not permitted in the region of the house.

Chewing up playthings are a necessity with the Dalmatian. Given that they are in a puppy situation for a longer period than the majority of dogs, you ought to make an effort to conform your training techniques to this as well. Begin the training program for your Dalmatian early on or else the puppy will grow into a very individualistic Dalmatian a lot tougher to train.
A number of Dalmatians do fine in tracking and obedience tests, but you have to locate the ones with the appropriate traits if you are in view of coaching them professionally. The road test, an activity in which the dog goes along with a horse drawn coach or a horse by way of an adornment and also as security is a much loved Dalmatian activity.

Training your Dalmatian in obedience instructions is not diverse from the other dog breeds, but bear in mind that you are coping with a vigorous and obstinate breed, and tolerance and imagination have to be united if the dog training course intends to be an accomplishment.

When taken care of appropriately, these dogs can be alive up to 16 years. Good Dalmatian training will make sure of an improved life, both for you and your dotted pet.


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